Lease End Options


Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Two 2021 RAV4 Vehicles Driving Past Body of Water

The term on your Toyota lease is coming to an end and now you have to decide the next steps. We understand how stressful this can be, don’t worry, our team is here to help you every step of the way!




Option 1.

Turn In Your Toyota & Purchase OR Lease

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Blue 2021 Toyota Camry

Get a newer model of what you’re already driving or try a completely different Toyota—it’s up to you.

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Customer and Sales Advisor Shaking Hands

All that’s left to do is get a payoff quote, call us and we can help!

Option 2.

Purchase the Vehicle You’re Leasing

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Red 2021 Toyota RAV4

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Two Women Happily Driving in Vehicle

Option 3.

Return Your Toyota

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Silver 2021 Toyota Highlander

Not interested in another Toyota? We’re sad to see you go, but we’ll be here for you if you ever decide to come back. For now, simply bring your vehicle back to your dealer by lease-end.

Lease End Options at Penn Toyota | Customer Handing Car Keys Back to Sales Advisor



At the beginning of the lease process, you’re typically given the option for Excess Wear and Tear Protection. This guarantees you protection from unforeseen wear and tear that goes above and beyond what the manufacturer typically prefers on lease models. You’ll be in great shape to avoid most charges as you’re covered for:

  • Each eligible event valued at $1,000 or less
  • Each eligible missing part of equipment valued at $200 or less
  • Up to $5,000 in excess wear and use charges

Even if you didn’t purchase Excess Wear and Use Protection, we’re still happy to help you out! You can schedule a complimentary inspection appointment with AutoVIN so there won’t be any surprise repair needs at lease-end.



If you’re curious about your mileage allowance, you can find out the number by looking at your lease agreement. If you can find it, you can reach out to us and we’ll happily give you the information. If you go over the mileage amount, you may be responsible for paying any overages you incur. Most lease mileage allowances range from 10,000 to 15,000-miles.

What is a Lease-End Inspection?

This is a complimentary service completed by an independent inspection company that assesses the condition of your vehicle and what you might be charged at lease-end.

What do I need for my inspection?

You’ll need a tool kit and spare tire, all sets of keys, Owner’s Manuals, and any original equipment that came with your vehicle at the time of the lease.

What should I do after my inspection?

After two business days, your vehicle’s condition report will be available online. It will detail all estimated normal and excessive wear and use, so you can determine if you need to make returns.



Our goal is to make the lease-end process go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few items that will help you prepare.

Examine possible excessive wear and use on your vehicle, and then make any necessary repairs.

Schedule a complimentary inspection appointment 15-60 days before your lease-end date, if you believe you have excessive wear and use repairs required.

Contact Penn Toyota to schedule a turn-in appointment for your vehicle!



Your lease terms specify a set number of miles as well as provisions for damage beyond typical wear and tear. Driving beyond your mileage allowance or incurring damage that requires a repair may affect your lease termination or result in additional fees. Schedule an inspection ahead of your lease-end date in order to know exactly where you stand. Remember, you’ll need your toolkit and spare tire, all sets of keys, the owner’s manual, and all original equipment in order to end your lease smoothly.